iPad Pro 2022: New iPad Pro With M2 Chip, 5G & WIFI 6E

Apple's new iPad Pro has M2 chip, 5G + Wi-Fi 6e support and Apple pencil 2

Apple has released a press release to announce the rollout of the Apple iPad Pro 2022 and iPad 2022. As expected iPad Pro has a new Chip M2. Apple announces new iPad Pro 2022 has been upgraded massively to last year’s iPad Pro models. It now has Apple’s latest M2 Chip.

The previous iPad pro upgrade was done in 2021 to have M1 Chip and 5G support. The iPad 2022 will have a USB-C type to bring the iPad 2022 at level with the iPad Pro lineup. This new update to the iPad also includes more colors Silver, Blue, Pink and Yellow. iPad was previously updated in the fall of 2021. Since this article is about iPad Pro therefore we will mainly discuss the pro version of the iPad.

Apple announces that the new iPad Pro 2022, with an upgraded M2 chip, tweaked apps, faster WI-FI 6E support and a new apple pencil hover feature will make iPad Pro one of the most efficient and power-packed tablets released ever in the market. According to Apple the iPad Pro 2022 is more than just a normal entertainment device as they aim to make the iPad Pro highly capable similar to a normal PC yet a highly portable small device. 

New Tablet iPad Pro 2022 Features

The iPad Pro 2022 is packed with features and techs, like ProRes Cameras, Reference Mode for accurate colors, Stage Manager for multi-taskers, Desktop Class Apps etc. This device offers better performance for machine learning tasks as it can process 15.8 trillion operations per second with the help of the 16-core Neural Engine. Everything is designed to give help with pro-level workflows, for designers, photographers, video editors and more. 

With the release of iPadOS 16 on Oct. 24, newer iPad Pro models and the latest iPad Air will gain Stage Manager, a feature that brings a new multitasking experience to Apple’s tablets. But not all of those tablets are created equal, with only the models equipped with M1 and M2 chips getting true external monitor support. 

Stage Manager and external monitor support enable iPad Pro to open and work on up to eight apps simultaneously. This resource consuming process can be difficult for normal tablets but the power of Apple’s M2 Chip is capable enough to easily handle 8 apps at same time.

According to October 18, 2022 release by Apple, the M2-powered iPad Pro processor boosts memory bandwidth up to 50% which is the most important feature to power the multitasking. 

We have made a list of features and points of iPad Pro 2022, which we think users may be interested to know about. We will discuss everything one by one in this article.

M2 Chip of iPad Pro 2022

Apple first time announced the M2 Chip at its developer’s conference held earlier this year. 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2022 were the first ones to have the power of the M2 Chip. Now, this new chip is added to the iPad Pro 2022. 

The new M2 power chip is said to be 15% faster than its previous model the M1 chip. It has lower power usage, increased performance and efficiency thanks to 2 million transistors, 10 cores CPU, and 8 cores GPU. iPad Pro (2022) has 35% better, faster graphic performance. M2 also can handle more tasks per second than M1 iPad Pro. So it should be a good device for machine-learning tasks.

apple ipad pro m2 chip
Image : Apple

Apple Pencil 2 Hover Feature

It’s no doubt that the power of M2 Chip will change the iPad Pro tablet in a big way, but it’s not the only upgrade that the new iPad Pro has. Apple introduces the m2 chip and a new upgraded hover feature of the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. New Pencil 2 hovering activates before the stylus touches the screen to enable the iPad to detect it from a distance of up to 12mm from the screen surface. This new hover feature will allow users to create illustrations and sketch effortlessly with better accuracy and precision as it lets users to see a preview of their mark before they make it.  

This feature is not new as users of Samsung’s stylus-compatible mobile devices like the note series should already be familiar with this feature. But iPads and tablets are generally known as not user-friendly for drawing and writing on them however if it’s true what Apple says about this feature then, the user experience should improve significantly. We look forward to testing this feature.

ipad pro 2022 pencil 2

Apps of M2 Apple iPad Pro 2022

Apple has included several Apple’s techs in new iPads to make them a good choice for creativity, business use as well as normal entertainment purposes.

The apps of the new m2 iPad Pro 2022 have been fine-tuned as well. For example, scribble text fields automatically expand when the pencil gets near the screen and handwriting converts to text even faster. Not only inhouse but third-party apps can also take advantage of this new drawing and marking feature.

5G & Wi-Fi 6E Features of Latest iPad Pro 2022

Wireless connectivity is a vital feature of today’s tech devices. The new iPad Pro 2022 is not behind in the area of Wireless networking. The new iPad Pro 2022 is Apple’s first device that supports Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 capability having a download speed of up to 2.4Gbps. It is yet another big upgrade to the new tablet, allowing users to access the 6 GHz band If it is available. Apple says that the iPad Pro supports more 5G networks than previous devices and is 2 times faster than previous iPad Pro models.

Cellular + WIFI models of the tablet have expanded sub-6GH and mmWave4 5G connectivity. This feature is very useful especially when a user is out on the go. Users can enable the Cellular + WIFI feature to connect their devices to the internet anywhere easily.

Cameras of iPad Pro 2022

Modern devices are equipped with all kinds of techs to make them one device for all. The same is the case with iPad Pro 2022. Users who love video will be happy to know that this tablet has a media engine equipped with pro cameras capable of capturing high-resolution pro videos. 

This seems to be true as this tablet has a 12 MP wide camera having f/1.8 aperture and a 10 MP f/2.4 aperture ultra-wide camera. The ultra-wide camera has a 124-degree view field. Digital zoom can be enhanced up to 5X however telephoto zoom is not available on this device. This device has 5 element lens system for both cameras with a tow-tone brighter flash. This device can record 4k videos at 60fps and 4k ProRes video recording at 30fps. The iPad Pro 2022 can record and transcode three times faster ProRes video.

ipad pro 2022 cameras

Design & Display & Specs of iPad Pro 2022

The iPad Pro 2022 M2 series will come in 2 sizes 11-inch and 12.9-inch models and both will keep the same design as previous models without a home button to offer a full-screen experience. This design is kept since 2018. According to the tech specs provided by Apple, the new iPad Pro 2022 models will have the same display brightness, resolution, size, weight and battery life as previous models. In addition to the above, both models will keep Smart Connector on the rear, Face ID, 4 speakers and a Thunderbolt port. A nano sim card on cellular models will also be kept as is. 

12.9-inch iPad Pro 2022 model will have a mini-LED display with 2596 full-array dimming zones with a 2D backlighting system and a resolution up to 2732×2048. This will help to get better black levels, contrast & HDR performance. The smaller 11-inch iPad Pro model has a more basic screen 2388×1668 resolution Liquid Retina display. 

ProMotion tech is kept as is for both iPad Pro models. 

In nutshell, The overall look of iPad Pro will remain the same as the current models but with improved performance due M2 chip. There are some unverified news that both 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad pros may have wireless plus MagSafe charging feature.

Both sizes will come in two colors, Silver and Gray.

Below table explains the specs of iPad Pro 2022 in detail

 The Specs Table of iPad Pro 2022

 11-inch iPad Pro12.9-inch iPad Pro
Battery LifeRated Up to 10 hoursRated Up to 10 hours
Buttons and ConnectorsTop Button
Speakers x 4
1x Side & 3x top microphones
Magnetic & Smart connectors
Nano sim tray
Top Button
Speakers x 4
1x Side & 3x top microphones
Magnetic & Smart connectors
Nano sim tray
Cameras12MP wide & 10-MP ultra-wide12MP wide & 10-MP ultra-wide
ColorsSilver & Space GraySilver & Space Gray
CPUApple M2 ChipApple M2 Chip
DisplayLiquid Retina display
2732 x 2048 at 264 PPI
11-inch (diagonal) LED backlit
Liquid Retina XDR display
2732 x 2048 pixel at 264 PPI
12.9-inch (diagonal) mini-LED backlit
OSiPadOS 16iPadOS 16
PortsThunderbolt 4/USB-CThunderbolt 4/USB-C
RAM8GB RAM for 128GB, 256GB &  512GB storage
16GB RAM for 1TB & 2TB storage
8GB RAM for 128GB, 256GB &  512GB storage
16GB RAM for 1TB & 2TB storage
Size9.74 X 7.02 X 0.23 inches11.04 x 8.46 x 0.25 inches
Storage128GB – 2TB128GB – 2TB
Weight1.03 pounds (Wi-Fi) | 1.04 pounds (Wi-Fi + Cellular)1.5 pounds (Wi-Fi) | 1.51 pounds (Wi-Fi Cellular)

Price of iPad Pro 2022

iPad Pro 2022 starts with a base storge of 128 GB and goes up to 2TB storge. The starting price is US$ 799 for the 11-inch wi-fi only tablet with 128GB storage. The highest price is US$ 2,399 for 12-inch wi-fi + cellular tablet with 2 TB storage. The below table explains all the prices

Models11-inch iPad Pro11-inch iPad Pro12.9-inch iPad Pro12-inch iPad Pro
StorageWi-Fi onlyWi-Fi + CellularWi-Fi onlyWi-Fi + Cellular
128GB $799 $999 $1,099 $1,299
256GB $899 $1,099 $1,199 $1,399
512GB $1,099 $1,299 $1,399 $1,599
1TB $1,499 $1,699 $1,799 $1,999
2TB $1,899 $2,099 $2,199 $2,399

Release Date of iPad Pro 2022

Though Apple is expected to official release iPad Pro 2022 on October 26th 2022 but it can be ordered online from Apple store right now, and you may get a faster delivery without having to wait for a long time. But shipping will depend upon the orders they are having.

Final Words About iPad Pro 2022

Though there is nothing changed on design side and it has the same old looks but the iPad Pro features the latest and powerful M2 Chip and is promised to have an outstanding performance. We will know for sure about it’s performance after using the new features and see how everything from M2 chip to Pencil Hover to cameras work. We will start getting the reviews very soon so stay tuned


Apple iPad Pro m2 Chip Release Date?

The official release date of iPad Pro M2 Chip is October 26th, 2022 but Apple is taking online orders on their website.

Apple iPad Pro m2 Price?

Apple iPad Pro m2 has different variations like screen size, storage & connectivity features like wi-fi only, cellular only & wi-fi + Cellular. The lowest price is US$ 799 for 11-inch wi-fi only with 128GB storage and highest prices is US$2,399 for 12.9-inch wi-fi + cellular 2TB storage. Above table explains the pricing in detail

Is Apple iPad Pro 2022 Worth it?

With specs tech provided by Apple, iPad Pro 2022 looks to be a performance oriented device made for multitasking, creativity and connectivity. It should be a good device to have, but it’s too early to give firm yes or no at this point in time because we have not tested it’s features. We will know the answer very soon though.