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Avid Ai Video Editing | Best Ways 2k22


Avid ai video editing. Evolphin is announcing a number of new features at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas that will dramatically improve the workflows of creatives in a variety of fields. Stop by our booth SL10227 in Lower South Hall if you’re attending the expo to witness live samples of everything!

View of the AI Timeline:

The Brain Intelligent Machines AI timeline
image is taken from qbi.uq. edu. au

Avid ai video editing. Artificial intelligence is capable of far more than just translating speech to text and detecting objects. It can assess video sentiment, extract overarching subjects, and even recognize specific scenes in a sporting game, such as goals and penalties. However, the amount of data returned through AI analysis can be overwhelming, and it’s often presented in a style that’s difficult to comprehend.

Evolphin devised a novel solution to the problem. The Web Client’s AI Timeline View presents timecoded metadata in an easy-to-use style. The entries of several AI engines are displayed as colored bars that reflect their location in time 

.Hover over an entry to get more information, or enter your own data and feed it back to the AI engine to help it improve its results. You may also search the AI-generated information with our advanced search, so you can easily skip to the frame where a specific occurrence occurs. 

Video Editing With AI:

Best AI Video Editors
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With all of AI’s timecoded metadata, we realized it would be a huge assistance to video editors sifting through hours of footage. Users may choose the metadata values they want (for example, goals in a soccer match) with a few clicks, and our software will create an edited sequence of those events that they can import into any video editing program. It will just take a few seconds to create highlight videos! We’re only getting started with this feature, and we’re excited to expand its capabilities in the future.

Interoperability Between Avid and Adobe:

Avid Adobe sequences
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Avid ai video editing. Many businesses struggle with separate departments using different processes, and it’s especially challenging when one uses Avid Interplay or Media Composer while the other uses Adobe Creative Cloud tools. To address this, Evolphin has partnered with Telestream to provide a smooth process for transferring Avid media to Adobe and vice versa.

The Evolphin MAM can automatically monitor Interplay bins for new media and sequences, and then extract, ingest, and distribute the media to teams utilizing Adobe products using Telestream’s Interplay Monitor plugin.

Designers using Photoshop and After Effects may sync their projects with the Evolphin MAM, and Avid editors can quickly drag and drop the media into their Avid projects for the reverse workflow. Companies can now unite their creative teams into one smooth workflow thanks to the Evolphin MAM, which serves as the glue connecting the two worlds.

Video Editing on the Cloud:

best video production management software 2020
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Evolphin has partnered up with Bebop Technology to enable video editing and creative processes using cloud-based desktops and cloud-hosted media for enterprises with limited infrastructure or remote teams. All that is required is a lightweight client to screen-share into the cloud workstation and begin editing cloud-hosted media.

 Our MAM software can be run on the cloud, giving them access to Evolphin’s version control, advanced search, and real-time collaboration tools. Editors from around the world will be able to access the same content and collaborate on the same projects without having to send hard drives back and forth.

File Transfer at High Speed:

FDT diagram
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Avid ai video editing. Evolphin has teamed with File Catalyst to provide built-in high-speed file transfer capabilities for businesses that need to maintain massive media files synchronized across multiple geographic areas.

 Users in one city can request high-resolution film from another city, and File Catalyst’s strong transfer protocols will immediately sync the two places. You can even specify whether media should sync automatically or only when requested, based on particular rules.

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