Carrot Weather App 5.8 Update: New Features Added for iOS 16

What is Carrot Weather?

Carrot Weather is a weather app for iOS and Android that uses gamification to motivate users to check the weather forecast. The app features a virtual AI character named Carrot, who interacts with users and gives them rewards for checking the weather forecast.

Carrot Weather has been downloaded over 1 million times, has a high score, and has been featured in several media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Lifehacker, and Mashable.

Though the carrot weather app is free to use however some of the new features will be available only to members of the Premium Club, the cost for premium membership is $4.99 per month or $19.99 yearly. The Carrot Weather App can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices free from apple app store and google play store.

Why is the Carrot Weather app Famous?

Carrot Weather is known for its funny and entertaining weather updates. However there are many reasons why Carrot Weather app is famous. For starters, it has a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to check the weather forecast for your specific location. Additionally, Carrot Weather app provides detailed information about current weather conditions, by hourly, daily and weekly forecast. And it also provides additional data like wind speed, precipitation and wind speed. All this date is divided into different tiles or cards for easy and better understanding. This helps users to understand weather conditions easily and plan their activities accordingly.

Finally, the app also features fun and interactive elements, such as the ability to give Carrot Weather app a “personality” by choosing from a variety of voices and expressions like Friendly, Snarky, Homicidal & Overkill. All these factors combine to make Carrot Weather app one of the most popular weather apps available today.

Features of Carrot Weather App

  • Detailed Customizable Interface
  • Detailed Hourly, Daily Notifications
  • Weather Maps
  • Different Data Sources to Choose From
  • Customizable AI Animated Character “Carrot”
  • Connects with Apple Watch App
  • Customizable Home Screen Widgets
  • Customization According to User’s Choice
  • Achievements Based on Experiencing Different Weather Conditions
  • Secret Location Finding With Help of Clues
Why Carrot Weather app is Famous

Carrot Weather App update 5.8 for iOS16 & iPadOS 16

Carrot weather app has released a new update to the weather app and has added some new features for Apple’s iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. Current update version is 5.8.2 to be exact.

Most talked about new features are a multi column display for iPads added to the design along with Apple Weather data integration and lock screen weather widgets for iOS 16.

The Carrot Weather app 5.8 is ready for iOS 16 / iPads 16 with these new features. The new widgets provide users quick access to current weather forecasts, weather maps, moon phases, wind speeds and precipitation data by integrating to Apple weather data sources and displaying it on locked screen in a customizable way according to user’s liking.

What’s New in 5.8 version of Carrot Weather App 5.8 version

Here are some new features add to carrot weather app in version 5.8

New Lock Screen Widgets

Carrot Weather app 5.8 update brings new iOS 16 lock screen widgets to feature the app. This new feature allows users to add widgets to see the current weather conditions and forecasts on their locked screen. The widget is highly customizable, so users can choose to show or hide certain information, like the current temperature or precipitation chance.

Multi Column Layouts for iPad

Carrot Weather App multi-columns for iPad

The carrot weather app has improved its design for iPads. New iPad-optimized version of Carrot Weather app allows users to display weather data in a multi-column layout. Now iPad users are able to display up to 3 columns of weather data, effectively turning it into a full-fledged weather station.

This fresh look is also a sneak peek at the redesigned Carrot Weather app for Mac. Though no release date or launch day has been announced, we probably could guess that it is quite near.

iPad multicolumn redesign will allow users to see more information at a glance and makes it easier to compare data points. The update also includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

New Sections Added to the Carrot Weather App

The new carrot weather app includes more sections and modules to display various types of information. Now The app can present data in a variety of line charts and bar graphs, and there are more sections dedicated to helping you make the most of your favorite pastimes and interests in this big new update.

For instance, the app will tell you the exact time of day when the golden hour and blue hour occur (times of day that photographers celebrate for their ideal lighting), and it will also inform you of the best times of the night for stargazing. Everything is customizable according to the user’s preference.

Carrot weather app sections

Apple Weather Data Source Integration

Premium club members can enjoy another feature which is to get the weather forecast from the Apple Weather data source along with other sources. Apple WeatherKit is behind this integration. (Dark Sky API is replaced by Apple WeatherKit after Apple bought Dark Sky in 2020).

By default Carrot Weather app provides forecasts from Foreca, but now premium club members can choose a source of their choice including AerisWeather, ClimaCell, AccuWeather, Dark Sky, MeteoGroup etc.

New Secret Locations Added

The Carrot Weather App has a feature where users are given clues to find different secret locations on global maps like pyramids. New update of the app includes 3 new secret locations. So now there are up to 60 secret locations available to guess.

New Hourly Weather Details Screen Update for iOS 16

Hourly weather alerts and notifications from Carrot Weather App are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest weather conditions. By checking in on the hourly forecast, you can see any changes since the last update and be prepared for the rest of the day.

Plus, the hourly details screen gives you a more accurate picture of the current conditions than if you were only to check the forecast once a day.

New updated version of hourly weather detail screen allows users to jump to different days of the week to get the predictions and plan their activities accordingly.

New Design for the iPad Settings Screen

Carrot Weather App has updated the setting screen for iPads in new update 5.8

More Features Added to Carrot Weather App

  • Sun detail screen is updated to include more details
  • Date a location of high score achievement is added
New ios 16 Lock Screen Widgets in Carrot Weather app 5.8 Update

Some special features for Premium Club members

With a premium membership to an app, you get access to exclusive features and content unavailable to non-members. This can include anything from special discounts to ad-free browsing. In some cases, you may also get access to certain features before they are made available to the general public.

Like other weather apps, the Carrot Weather app offers something different and unique to the subscribers. The function’s automatic background updates will require a premium annual subscription.

Premium Club members can use regional or more specialized data providers such as Dark Sky, AccuWeather, ClimaCell, MeteoGroup, or AerisWeather on the home screen

Hourly Weather Updates for ios 16


The Carrot Weather app, known for its unique design among iPhone users, has recently upgraded its iOS 16 features. The new features include an improved user interface, better performance, and more accurate weather information, which have been discussed in detail.

Also, the new update has other features, including a weather kit, animation, map layers, and some everyday things like calendars, wallpaper, and timer. These updates are for the iOS app, apple watches and apple tv.