How to make Smooth stone in Minecraft

How to make Smooth stone in Minecraft? Well, it is very easy just follow the steps below

Smooth Stone has been in Minecraft for a long time but it was not the stone a player could build until now.

Smooth stone can now be crafted with some materials and it can be used as a decoration because of its smooth texture

To know how to make the smooth stone or slabs in Minecraft, this guide is for you even if you are on a different platform.

How to make Smooth stone in Minecraft – Requirements

To make smooth stone, you need to do smelting, Cobblestone can help you make smooth stone but you have to do smelting two times. You get cobblestone when you mine regular stone.

How to make Smooth stone in Minecraft – Complete Process

The main ingredient you need is the Cobblestone, make sure you have as many as you like or need.

  • The first thing you are going to need is a furnace which you can make with eight Cobblestones
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  • Add Cobblestone stone to the Furnace
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  • For Fule, you can add anything flammable from sticks and charcoal.
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  • The cobblestone will turn into Regular stone, now put the regular stone in the Furnace and heat it
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  • After smelting it, you will get smooth stone
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Now that the smooth stones are done, you can use them as you like and make a better Furnace with them.

How to make Smooth stone bricks in Minecraft

Players use blocks in Minecraft to get an all the more outwardly engaging impact while building. Tragically, smooth stone blocks are just accessible in Minecraft Bedrock.

You can get to them using the inventive menu, however, you can’t generate or make them in Survival mode.

How to make Smooth stone in Minecraft on Switch

As of adaptation 1.9.0, you can make the smooth stones in Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch stage. It’s an exceptionally straightforward cycle:

  • Make a Furnace.
  • Make Regular stone from cobblestone.
  • Make Smooth Stone from Regular Stone

How to make Smooth stone in Minecraft on PS4

PS3 Minecraft players can’t get to smooth stone, however PS4 clients can as of form 1.86.

  • Open your Furnace refining menu.
  • Place Regular stone inside.
  • Add fuel.
  • Smelt the Regular stone to get the smooth stone.

How to make Smooth stone in Minecraft on XBOX

Tragically, you can’t smelt smooth stone on the Xbox 360 form of the game. Assuming that you own an Xbox One and Minecraft form 1.9.0, you can smelt ordinary stone into smooth stone for the further developed surface.

  • Construct a Furnace.
  • Accumulate and smelt cobblestone into ordinary stone.
  • Add more fuel and smelt the stone to get the smooth stone variation with a better surface.

How to make Smooth stone in Minecraft on a PC

PC clients can make smooth stones also since finding them in the open world is difficult.

  • Utilise eight cobblestone blocks in the creating seat to make a heater.
  • Place a cobblestone stack and fuel in the heater.
  • Smelt the cobblestone into stone.
  • Add more fuel into the heater if essential
  • Stack your ordinary stone and resume the refining system.
  • Take out your smooth stone blocks when prepared.

How to make Smooth stone in Minecraft on Android or iPhone

With the arrival of Minecraft 1.9.0 for the Pocket or Bedrock Edition, iPhone and Android clients can likewise make smooth stone blocks to partake in its feel.

  • Make a Furnace.
  • Place a pile of cobblestone alongside fuel.
  • Smelt the cobblestone into ordinary stone.
  • Place more fuel and the customary stone stack in the heater.
  • Smelt the customary stone to transform it into smooth stone.

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