How To Pair Apple Watch To New iPhone 2022

There is no better time than now to upgrade your phone to the latest and greatest model. Keep your vital health data safe by learning how to pair the Apple Watch with your new iPhone.Apple Watch and iPhone health data contain some of your most private and sensitive information. Apple allows you to pick whether or not you want to move your health information to your new device–completely it’s up to you.

How To Pair Apple Watch To New iPhone 

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How To Pair Apple Watch To New Iphone in just 6 steps.And now that the Apple Watch has improved so much, there’s no reason to get the newest and finest model. So instead of upgrading your iPhone, you may stay using your current Apple Watch and its watchOS software.

How To Pair Apple Watch To New Iphone in just 6 steps

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  1. Hold down the watch’s Side button until you see the Apple® logo. Then you can wear it.
  2. Wait for your iPhone to display the Apple Watch pairing screen while you keep your watch close by. When prompted to “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch,” select “Continue” on your iPhone. You can also begin the process manually by opening the Watch app on your iPhone and selecting “All Watches > Pair New Watch.”.
  3. My Own Tap Setup. During these stages, keep your watch and phone close to one another.
  4. You can pair your iPhone and Apple Watch simply pointing your phone’s camera at each other.
  5. To restore your watch’s data from a backup, select Restore from Backup. A new version of the software for your Apple Watch may be necessary.
  6. Complete the setup by following the instructions on your phone.

If the iPhone prompts you to start pairing the Watch, first unpair it from the previous device, and then proceed with the pairing process.

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