Mobile Performance Meter Hack: 10 best tips and tricks 

Who does not like to earn money? And what if there is an easy way to earn extra bucks by simply installing an app on your android smartphone? Sounds Interesting? Well, you may have heard or even used a mobile performance meter app. These apps can help you collect points

The Mobile Performance Meter Hacks explained in this article can help you earn extra money passively, by following some simple and easy tips

As we know there are apps called the mobile performance meter apps that can help you collect points. You can redeem those points to get free gift cards from your favorite brands and stores like like Google opinion rewards, Play, Amazon gift cards, Visa, Target, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, PayPal cash and many more.

Basically, these apps reward you with points while they collect data from your mobile for market research and other activities. This article will teach you some mobile performance meter hacks to earn even more meter points.

Mobile Performance Meter Hack in a nutshell

Now you have a brief introduction to performance meter apps and how they work. You may be interested in knowing how to earn more money with this passive income method.

There are some best mobile performance meter hacks that you can consider using. We’ll show you tips and tricks in detail one by one.

1- Keep the app running and use your phone daily

The first Mobile Performance Meter hack is to run the app regularly because they collect data from your mobile device to reward you in return. Therefore the app should be running on your phone every day to take full advantage of the app.

2- Install multiple apps

Mobile performance apps are different apps. Once you install the app, it will run in the background and collect data from your device. You can install multiple apps and allow them to run at the same time. In this way, you will start earning from each of the apps.

If you are not bothered by too many mobile applications on your mobile device and sharing data with different companies, try using this Mobile Performance Meter Hack to earn rewards.

Performance meter apps
Image Credit: Google Play Store

3- Opting for Beta versions

Another easy way to make more money is by opting for the beta versions of apps. Some apps have beta versions. These versions are pre-released apps that are tested by a large number of users in actual conditions. The data collected from users is then used to fix bugs, make improvements, and change the design or user interface based on feedback.

By opting for a beta version, you may earn extra reward points, If you have a techy mind and like to test new software or services. Then, this is the best Mobile Performance Meter Hack for you.

4- Refer a friend

You’ve probably heard the term refer a friend already. Referring services or products to friends, family, or other people has become very popular.

The whole affiliate marketing is based on this concept. From credit cards to auto insurance, from makeup items to gadgets or appliances, all types of industries are using this model to sell their products.

With the increase in mobile users, this concept has also got the attention of app developers. If you have friends, family members, and other people in the social circle, you can refer friends to download and install the app. By using this Mobile Performance Meter Hack, you’ll get more rewards than you’re earning now from the app.

5- Complete online surveys

Here’s one more mobile performance meter hack for you. The survey is an old method of collecting data about services and products. The data collected is used to design or improve future products or services.

With evolving technology, the majority of surveys are done online now. But if you’re looking to earn more passive money from these apps. Then do it by completing simple tasks like filling out online surveys.

6- Select an app that pays more

Different apps will pay different types of rewards and amounts. Try to choose the app that rewards more. You can find those apps by doing some research online.

7- Keep using the app outside the united states when traveling

Performance meter apps only work in the US and Canada. You may have to be in Canada or the United States to make it work. But If you want to make extra money while traveling, here is a workaround for this restriction.

First of all, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the apps carefully to know if they restrict the use based on geolocation or IP address. If there is no such term, then you can use a mobile performance meter app on your mobile that has a valid US or Canadian sim card and an eligible plan to access the internet.

8- Try Google Opinion Rewards

Another mobile performance meter hack can be the Google Opinion Rewards. It pays up to $1 PayPal cash to complete one survey.

Google Opinion Reward
Image Credit: Google App Store

9- Always use the updated versions of apps

Developers keep updating the apps regularly to fix the bugs and improver their work. One of the simple mobile performance meter hack is to keep the app updated for better performance and more rewards.

10- Check The App

The last mobile performance meter hack is to keep checking the app regularly. It is necessary to do so in order to take advantage of new opportunities provided by the apps such as promotions, bonuses, and paid surveys that can help bring in extra cash.

How do Mobile Performance Meter Apps work?

These are background applications that collect data from mobile devices. The apps send back collected data to the mobile carrier or other market research companies. 

In return for the data, they pay users rewards they can redeem to get a gift card or cash. While using these apps, your mobile device will run fine and won’t slow down. Users can install more than one app simultaneously without any problems. The app gives you passive income. It will work after you download, install the app, and register. A separate registration is required to register for each app installed.

What data can be collected by an app like Mobile Performance Meter?

data collection

Like other apps installed of mobile devices, these apps also collect different types of useful data from your phone as soon as you start using the app to share with mobile manufacturers and mobile carriers to help understand the performance of devices and services. This data also helps in other ways like market research purposes. The ultimate use of this data is to use it for promotional and marketing activities.

Below are a few examples of data collected by mobile performance meter apps

  • Track location using your smartphone location services
  • Test your CPU loads while your lock screen function is active
  • Application and CPU load while you are using the phone.
  • Data about other apps running on your mobile and the frequency of their use
  • Track your usage time spent using different apps
  • Difference between application load when they are in sleep and active modes
  • How many text messages do you receive and send
  • Phone call duration
  • Battery life of the mobile
  • Speeds of networks you connect like wi-fi and mobile data networks
  • Data about device type, operating system, local time zone
  • Internet usage with browser and URL history
  • Opinions and Survey responses
  • Social Media engagements

The data is collected while ensuring a certain level of privacy and data protection. These apps do not record your screen window content. But first, you should read the privacy policy of every app before installing it and make sure that you agree to its terms.

Final words about Mobile Performance Meter Hack

Earning passive income can be very easy. Just start using the mobile performance meter app. Consider downloading the mobile performance meter APK from the Google play store for your android devices and start using it to earn rewards. And if you want to get extra points, use our Mobile Performance Meter Hack guide, given above. And grow your passive income by performing small tasks every day.