PS5 Box Dimensions | Weight, Inches, Measurements & Shipping

The PlayStation 5 arrived recently, meaning gamers everywhere are gearing up for the next generation of console gaming.

But what do we know about the PS5? One of the most important things to consider when a new console gets released is its PS5 box dimensions. How big will the PS5 be, and how much space will it require?

The PlayStation 5 box dimensions will be considerably smaller than the PS4 Pro, coming in at 295 x 55 x 327 mm. That’s around 11.6 x 2.2 x 12.8 inches. It’s also worth noting that the PS5 will weigh just under 4 pounds or 1.8 kilograms. So what does this mean for gamers?

What is a PS5 Box?

Regarding gaming, there are many different platforms to choose from. PC, Xbox, Playstation, and even mobile games can be enjoyable and addicting. So what’s the next step in gaming technology? The answer is the PS5.

What is a PS5 Box? Simply put, it’s the next generation of Playstation gaming consoles. It’s the size of ps5 box that you can connect to your TV and will allow you to play the latest and greatest games in stunning high-definition graphics.


It also includes features like virtual reality gaming and 4K resolution support, which means your games will look sharper and more realistic than ever.

PS5 Box Dimensions

The PlayStation 5 is significantly smaller than the PS4, with PS5 box dimensions of 17 inches (43 cm). The PS5 box dimensions are 10.3 ps5 dimensions inches (26.2 cm) wide and 2.0 inches (5.1 cm) tall.

The console is also much lighter, weighing just over 2 pounds (0.9 kg) in PS5 box dimensions. It makes the PS5 more portable and easier to store than its predecessor.

If you are wondering how long is a ps5 box? The final PS5 box dimensions are 18.5 inches wide by 14.2 inches deep and 3.9 inches high. If you are wondering how tall is a ps5 box? That’s 47 cm wide, 36 cm deep, and 10 cm high.

It weighs in at just over 7 pounds (3 kg). It’s bigger than the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, but it’s not as large as the original PlayStation 4 or the Nintendo Switch.

The ps5 in box is 18 cm in PS5 box dimensions. It is the perfect PS5 box dimensions size for a gaming console to fit into. It is not too deep and not too shallow, making it the perfect size of ps5 for storage and use.

The box is also slightly wider than deep, making it easier to grab onto and carry. These PS5 box dimensions are perfect for gamers who want a console that does not take up too much space and can be easily hidden away when not in use.

PS5 Box Weight and Dimensions

The new PlayStation 5 is much smaller than the PS4. If you are wondering how big is the ps5 box? The PS5 box dimensions of the PS5 is 14lb 8 ounces 6.7 kg.

The box PS5 box dimensions are 11.02in H x 9.84in W x 2.76in D 28cm H x 25cm W x 7cm D. The console ps5 box measurements are 10.83in H x 2.91in W x 9.

Best Way to Ship a PS5

When it comes to shipping the Playstation 5, there are a few different ways that you can go about it. You can choose to ship it through the mail, or you can use a shipping service like UPS or FedEx.

PS5 shipping box size through the mail is the cheapest option, but it can also be the slowest. If you’re in a hurry to get your ps5 in a box to its destination, then using a shipping service is probably your best bet.

What’s Inside a PS5 Box?

When you first open the box of your new PlayStation 5 (PS5), you will find a couple of things inside. The first thing you’ll see in the console, which is nestled in a snug little plastic container. Beside it, you’ll find a smaller box that contains the PS5’s base.

1.   The PS5 Console or PS5 Digital Edition Console

Once you open the ps5 boxes, the first thing that you will see is the console. The PS5 console is a rectangular prism with a matte finish and a light bar on the top that indicates its power status.

On the left side of the console is a panel that you can pull out to reveal the hard drive and two memory card slots.

The PS5 Digital Edition console comes with a 1TB hard drive, but there will also be versions with 2TB and 4TB hard drives.


2.   One DualSense Wireless Controller

The PS5 box comes with one DualSense Wireless Controller. This controller design is for an intuitive and comfortable gaming experience, and it has a built-in rechargeable battery and a 3.5mm stereo headset jack.

The DualSense Wireless Controller is also equipped with motion sensing and vibration feedback, so players can feel the action while they play.

3.   USB Type-C to Type A Charging Cable

When you open the PS5 box, you will find a USB Type-C to Type A charging cable for the DualSense wireless controller. It is a great addition, allowing you to charge your controller without fumbling for a traditional charger.

The cable is about six feet long, so it should be more than enough for most gaming setups. It’s also worth noting that the cable should be in a braid form, which makes it more durable and resistant to tangling.


4.   AC Power Cord

Including the AC power cord is especially beneficial, as it means you can plug the console directly into an outlet instead of using a power strip.

Having everything you need right in the box makes setup a lot easier and eliminates the need to search for individual components.

5.   Base

Depending on your preference, you can use it to orient the console vertically or horizontally. It also includes two mounting tabs that you can use to attach the console to a wall or other surface. It is a nice feature, as it keeps the console from taking up too much space on your TV stand.

The base also includes some other features that are worth mentioning. For example, it has an integrated fan that helps keep your PS5 cool during extended gaming sessions.

6.   Quick Start and Safety Guide

A quick start guide will help you get started with your new console and a safety guide to keep in mind when using it. The quick start guide goes over the basics of setting up and using your PS5, including how to connect to the internet and sign in to your account.


Things You Should Know about PS5 Box

If you want to know how big is a ps5? You should know the dimensions of a ps5 box. Fortunately, we have some idea about the PS5 box dimensions.

Sony has released some information about the PS5 box dimensions of their new console. Here are a few things you should know about ps5:

1.   Contain Custom 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU

The PS5 box is a powerful piece of hardware. It has a custom 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU and a Radeon Navi GPU. It made it one of the most powerful gaming consoles on the market. The console will also have 16GB of GDDR6 memory and a 3 Terabyte hard drive.

2.   Backward Compatible with the PS4 Games

The PS5 box is backward compatible with the PS4 games. It means your current PS4 games will work on the PS5 box when it releases.

You don’t need to worry about losing any of your games or having to buy them again. Additionally, you will be able to continue playing your current PS4 games even after the release of the PS5 box.

3.   Built-in Blu-ray Player

The PS5 box is going to have a built-in Blu-ray player. You will not have to buy an extra Blu-ray player to watch your movies on the new console.

It is a great feature, especially for people who do not have much extra money to spend on electronics. The PS5 box will also come with a controller and a power cord.

4.   Support 4K Gaming and Streaming

The ps5 box dimensions support 4K gaming and streaming. The PS5 box have 8GB of RAM and a 3GHz octa-core AMD Ryzen processor. It will also support 4K gaming and streaming.

5.   Support Virtual Reality (VR)

The ps5 in box supports virtual reality (VR) technology. Sony has not yet released much information about the PS5, so it is unclear how well VR will work on the new console.

However, if Sony does incorporate good VR support into the PS5, that could mean big things for the gaming industry.

It creates a more realistic experience as if you are actually in the game world. Additionally, VR can create new kinds of gameplay experiences that are impossible with traditional screens.

It could make the ps5 dimensions box a very popular console among gamers.


In conclusion, the PS5 box dimensions are larger than the PS4’s. It is likely due to the increased hardware weight in the console.

The extra space will allow for better airflow and cooling, which is important for keeping the console running smoothly. Gamers looking to purchase the ps5 in the box should keep this in mind when deciding where to place their new console.