Qordle Game: Play Qordle Wordle Game the Best Guess Word Game 2022

Quordle is an online word guessing puzzle game. Learn how to play the game, it may be more tricky than most players think

Have you ever tried to word puzzle games? if not then you may be missing something, that is fun, entertaining and a great way of learning new skills. The skills that can help you in your life. Let us introduce you to Qordle. It is a word game that we think is the best to play regularly in order to achieve life long benefits of such games.

What is Qordle Wordle Game?

Qordle and Wordle are two online puzzle games requiring players to guess hidden words. Most people know about Wordle. But, if you haven’t played Qordle game yet, then play this game it’s a new and innovative online word to guess game more challenging than the 2 Wordle challenge known as Dordle.

Qordle is an online guess the word game similar to wordle that consists of guessing a hidden word daily. Unlike Wordle which challenges the player to find a hidden five letter word in six guesses, in Qordle the player has to guess four five-letter words in nine chances.

Original Wordle game is a very popular daily word guessing game of the New York Times. Roughly two million people play it every day. We have played the Wordle game for so long and it will remain as our favorite but if someone likes the challenges and extra kick of adrenaline to start the day then Qordle is the daily game to play.

Quordle word game offers a daily challenge to solve which is to guess four words in just nine tries. In addition to the daily game, it has a practice mode as well if you like to play extra games of guessing 4 words.

In this article, we will help you to know about the Qordle word game

Key Points & Facts about Quordle an Online Puzzle Game

Qordle is a new game game added to the group of word games like Wordle with a daily challenge to guess four hidden words in nine chances to guess. Qordle is a free online game same as we play Wordle online for free.

Quordle was developed by Freddie Meyer and has become popular among Wordle players. Millions of people search for the word Qordle in google every month. The game is available to play on a PC and on mobile devices.

You can download and play Qordle on your android smartphone. It’s free to play. In wordle, we guess one five letter word once a day, whereas in Qordle game just in nine tries we have to guess four words simultaneously to win the game.

In this section, we will explain some key points to note about Quordle

The interface of the PC version of the game

PC version has a nice and clean interface to keep a player’s attention on guessing a word as fast as possible. In fact, even the ads used to monetize Quordle are kept very small to give a clean playing environment.

It is divided into two parts the header and the main playing area.

The header has 4 sections “Daily” and “Practice” tabs on left as well as help & setting sections on right. After the header is the section where we guess four words in Qordle game.

We can call it the four Qordle boxes section where we guess the letters appear when we type on the keyboard. The keyboard is located at bottom of the screen. The main playing area is straightforward therefore we will explain the header area to help our readers understand it.

Qordle Interface
Quordle Daily Tab & User Interface

The Daily Tab

Daily puzzle of the game can be solved on the daily tab.

The Practice Tab

On this tab, players can play the Qordle practice mode to solve extra words in a day.

The Help Section

This section shows the tips for Qordle online play.

The Setting Section

It is the most important section a player can use to make all the adjustments to enjoy the game. It has four sub-sections.

The first section from the top is the setting section which a player can use to configure color settings like dark mode, colorblind mode, notification, vibration, keyboard, and game size settings.

The next section is the stats section which keeps a track of your word-solving efforts.

Then comes the achievement section having 45 levels in the game in which players can achieve different levels by solving new puzzles.

The last section is language selection. The game supports five languages English, French, Spanish, Italian & Dutch. Players can select their preferred language in this section by clicking on the flag and it will take them to a new window.

Once a game is finished, players can share their solved results on social media by clicking the share button.

qordle setting section
Quordle Setting Section

What is the Meaning of Colors in the Qordle Online Game

Once we type each guessed word and press enter, the tiles will show different colors to show if the guessed letters are correct or not here is a simple list showing the meaning of the colors of the game.

  • Green letter means the letter is used in the word and it is in right place.
  • Yellow letter means the letter is used in the word but it is not in the right place
  • Gray letter means the letter is not used in the word
Qordle Colors and tips
Quordle Tips & Colors Explained

How to Play The Qordle Game?

It is similar to playing any word game where players need to solve words. But Qordle is a bit difficult game, in which players have to solve the puzzle in 9 tries by guessing 4 words at the same time. It can be a simple pastime as well as brain stimulating activity for some people early in the morning. May be a few Quordle players can improve their vocabulary as well. Here is how to play the game

To play this game go to the website of quordle.com

You will land on the daily screen

Once you have thought of the first word type it in the first slot and press enter

The color of the tiles will change to show how accurate your guess is. We have explained the color above.

While typing the word in the next slot keep in mind you don’t use any Gray letters, Only include Green, Yellow and unused letters to form the word.

You can choose any spot for yellow and unused letters but don’t change the spot for Green letters.

Repeat the process until the game is solved or you run out of 9 tries.

Tricks and Tips for Qordle

Though everyone has his own style and preference to play any game but here are a few tricks to solve this Qordle puzzle easily.

Focus is very important to solve any kind of problem whether it real world or a game. Therefore focusing on the game is the best trick to solve it.

The first word is very important you need to choose a word that mostly consists of vowels by choosing such a word you will remove the vowels which are not used to make the puzzle of the day. The 2nd rule that should be followed is to include consonants that are mostly used such as S, T, and L. For example, Audio, Stain, and Latin can be good choices to start.

To help you further here is a list of some words that you can use to start the game.

AUDIO: Having 4 vowels

ADIEU: Having 4 vowels

VIDEO: Having 3 vowels and 2 common words

LATIN: Having 2 vowels and 3 common words

TEARS: Having 2 vowels and 3 common words

STARE: Having 2 vowels and 3 common words

STAIR: Having 2 vowels and 3 common words

STORE: Having 2 vowels and 3 common words

ROAST: Having 2 vowels and 3 common words

TRAIL: Having 2 vowels and 3 common words

LEAST: Having 2 vowels and 3 common words

Try to make a word list and the words combinations before starting the game. If it is difficult for you to find the words then Qordle word cloud can help you generate the words in the beginning. All the best with your play.

Play the Game on Quordle Website

This game is a completely free version and anyone can play this interesting game for free on the website quordle.com

Word Guess Rules of The Puzzle Game Quordle

Quordle is a wordle clone therefore Quordle has rules very similar to Wordle. The difference is in Quordle players get 9 tries to solve four Qordle solutions as opposed to wordle where a player guesses one word in six tries. Here are a few rules of Quordle to play the game

Every player gets one puzzle to solve daily.

Players must solve a four-puzzle word game simultaneously

Repeated letters may be part of the puzzle.

The letter clues are independent of each word.

Each of the guessed words must be a real 5-letter word.

Each guess will apply to the four different words a player needs to solve in the puzzle.

The game is not timed

Benefits of playing Qordle

The game based on word puzzles not only provides entertainment and fun but there are many other benefits that players can get by regularly playing such games. These games are an excellent hobby and pass time to develop many skills. In fact, one wordle response can trigger brain activity that can help to achieve many targets in daily life. Here are some of the benefits of playing Qordle.

It’s learning in itself

Help to increase vocabulary

Helps to improve spelling

Helps to develop a focus

Helps to improve memory

Increases brain activity

Develops analytics and problem-solving skills

Can lower stress levels

Helps to get a sense of achieving goals.

Drawbacks of playing Qordle

As we know excess of everything is bad so is true for games. In fact, all of the games have an addictive nature, and players keep on playing the games for hours after hours. There are a few potential drawbacks to playing Qordle as well. Since it has a practice mode so players can spend more time on this game than Wordle.


Qordle is a game that can be a daily starter for anyone who needs a kick of brain activity and adrenaline in the morning. This can stimulate the problem-solving parts of our brain that can help us in day-long activities. In addition to this, it can help us improve our language, memory, and focus. It can make us happy by reducing stress levels.


What is qordle?

Qordle Interface

Qordle is a word puzzle game in which a player needs to guess four 5-letters hidden words in nine tries at the same time.

How To Play Quordle Wordle Game?

Qordle Colors and tips

Players need to guess 4 five letter words known as quordle in nine tries. The colored blocks change with each attempt to illustrate how close you are to guessing the word. Everything you input will change both boards at the same time, allowing you to advance through the game. You will have nine attempts to predict four words of five letters each. When the letters you write match those in the original word and they are in the right spot then they turn Green, The letters turn yellow if they match the letters in the word but are not in the correct place. The letters will turn Gray if they don’t match the letters in the word.

How long will a game of qordle last?

Quordle is not a timed game, therefore, there is no time limit to solve the puzzle however advanced players may be able to solve it in less than 10 minutes in most cases.

How many times a day can you play Quordle?

The daily game can be played once per day, however, players can play extra games in practice mode.

Is Qurdle tougher than Wordle?

Is quordle tougher than Wordle?

Yes, it is more difficult than Wordle because in this game players have to solve 4 words at the same time in just nine tries. Whereas in Wordle players have to solve only one word in six tries

Are there any Quordle Cheats?

There are no cheats as such, but there are a few websites that publish daily words after solving the game